Acopa Aztec Rock Shoes

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Rock Climbing Shoe: Acopa Aztec Rock Shoes

Expert climbers to beginners will find that the Acopa Aztec are great for any skill level. Bouldering, crack climbing, edgework or all day trad routes require comfortable and versatile shoes. Acopa has made these things a priority in this climbing shoe.

The sticky 4.2 mm RS rubber grips without losing the sensitivity and feel that you require. The stiff polymer midsoles provide for superb edging performance on slab. The EVA cushioned heels enhance your comfort level while absorbing shock.

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The Acopa Aztec Rock shoe is lightweight, rugged, versatile and very sticky while still being comfortable. Best used for bouldering, indoor and outdoor climbs, long climb and sprint climbs. Reviewers were thrilled with the comfort regardless of how long they climbed.

Pro or beginner, climbing shoes can really make a difference in your performance. Choosing the Acopa Aztec Rock Shoe will give you the confidence you need in your footwork while still being comfortable.

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