Alex Puccio on the Cover of Outside Magazine

Alex Puccio has been climbing since 2002 and she has a lot to show for it.  Not only is Alex sponsored by companies like Five Ten, Prana and Revolution she has now reached the cover of Outside Magazine.  That’s right just recently Alex got to grace the cover of Outside magazine drawing even more positive attention to the sport of rock climbing.

We are very happy for Alex and we are excited to see her achieve more great things in the future.

Some quick stats on Alex from her page on FiveTen.

-3 time ABS Champion

-2 time Teva Mountain Games Champion

-Has bouldered over V10 (she has climbed V12)

You can also check out her 8a page here.

Here are also some videos of Alex crushing.

Alex Puccio: The Centaur V12

Alex Puccio owns Haris

2009 Mammut Bouldering Championships SLC Womens Finals Highlight

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