Beginner’s Mistake

by Maria Jose Umana
(Heredia, Costa Rica)

At 20 meters high of an easy route, after 5 times doing it, the complete experience outside climbing, the difficult part came and I made the decision of letting go, because I was too tired, but I didn’t realize the rope was not between my legs. I fell 2 meters, my body turned around in the air and I hit my back and my head on the wall, up side down.

Luckily I was wearing a helmet. Of course after the fall, I tried again. I did not pass the part, but next week I will try again. Lesson learned wear the protection gear and keep the eyes on your feet and the rope.

Maria Jose UmaƱa, 23 years
Heredia Costa Rica
Name of the route: la buseta, at Forum San Jose Santa Ana

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