Belayer and Climber Communication

by aced

How does the belayer and climber communicate?


It best for you and your belayer to communicate verbally in all instances if possible. Here are the commands that my partners and I use.

After you check each others gear and before you start climbing. Ask your belayer if the belay is on?

They should respond with ‘on belay’

You say ‘climbing’

Belay says ‘climb away’ and then you can start rock climbing.

After you get to the top and clip the anchors or if you just reach the top on a top rope. You need to let your belayer know. So you say ‘take’

This will let your belayer know to take all the slack out of the rope and get ready to lower you. Once they pull the slack out of the rope the belayer says ‘got or got you’ and then the climber can sit back.

Once the climber sits back the belayer says ‘lowering’ and lowers you to the ground.

Once you are on the ground the belay will take you off belay by saying ‘off belay’

Some other important belaying calls

You can yell/say ‘falling’ when you take a lead fall.

If you need slack you can say ‘slack’

Some people like to let their belayers know when they are clipping and will say ‘clipping’ so the belayer knows to give slack.

Hope that helps

-The climbing Expert

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