Benefits of Rock Climbing

People enjoy the benefits of rock climbing everyday. Some like the vigorous full-body workout, others like the exercise and community at their local gym or crag, and others are competitors who train year round for accomplishment and victory.

Getting and staying in shape is a huge rock climbing benefit. You can develop…

  • dynamic muscle strength
  • flexibility
  • balance
  • coordination
  • mental and physical focus

benefits of rock climbing

Benefits of Rock Climbing

One of the great benefits of rock climbing is the fun and joy it brings you. Climbing is challenging and taking on the challenge can be very rewarding. Working up a good sweat, having fun with your friends, or finishing that route you’ve been working on for weeks is satisfying.

Then there are climbers who want to push their climbing to the limit. There are plenty of competitions and climbing teams available. Competitions are a great opportunity to measure your improvement, see where you stand relative to really awesome climbers, and to climb tons of cool routes. Climbing teams can show you sportsmanship, confidence, community/friendship, character, and many other great things.

When competing, we feel that staying focused on your individual performance is what is most important. Climbing is about climbing, not the gear or clothes you might win if you do well and place that day. There are plenty of super strong climbers out there and that’s why it’s important to not compare yourself to others and to set your own practical goals. Knowing your ability and range and then climbing to push your limits is what competing is all about.

Have fun and cheer on your competitors!

Experiencing nature is one of the best benefits of rock climbing

Joshua Tree National Park
It allows us to get outside to enjoy and be in nature. For those of us that spend our days inside working or going to school, getting out and seeing plants and animals in natural spaces can be quite refreshing. And there’s something special about climbing on rock the earth has heaved up for us to enjoy. This enjoyment comes with a price though; we must be good to nature while out in it. Trail maintenance and clean up are necessary to keep outdoor climbing areas beautiful, natural, and accessible.
It’s almost impossible to not meet new friends if you climb. This is one of the great benefits of rock climbing.

FSU Climbing Club

FSU Climbing Club

To the right is a picture of the FSU climbing club.

They truly understand the benefits of community and know it’s always more fun to have partners to work out with or to take climbing trips with.

Climbing is great for kids – they can climb with other kids as well as adults in a controlled environment. They learn safety, responsibility, respect, and how to productively channel their youthful energy.

We hope you know see even more benefits of rock climbing.

Climb on friends.

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