Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

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Rock Climbing Helmet: Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet


In terms of styling and looks, the Black Diamond Half Dome can be compared to the Chevy Camaro of Climbing Helmets. I find its sleek low profile aesthetically pleasing to the eye, reminiscent of a cross between a Hell’s Angels helmet and the new Iron Man. For those of you who are reluctant to wear a helmet because of half remembered childhood fears of public restrooms and laughing crowds look no further. There is nothing funny about head trauma, and while climbing is not an unsafe sport, it would be foolish to attempt any serious climb without adequate protective headgear. The minimal styling combined with the features Black Diamond crammed into it make the Half Dome Climbing Helmet an affordable no-brainer to protect your head whether you’re hitting pitches in Rock Canyon in Provo or scaling the MGM Grand in Vegas.

Product Features

Unlike their unwieldy predecessors, today’s climbing helmets are designed to be strong, lightweight, and look cool. Picture wearing a cast iron pot on your head while climbing a ladder; those were the helmets of the past. Like most consumer and sporting goods, climbing helmets have undergone revolutionary improvements over the last two decades, and the benefits of state of the art engineering and design are yours to reap. The Half Dome exterior is constructed of ultra durable ABS plastic. ABS plastic costs roughly twice as much to produce as polystyrene and is considerably better for its hardness, gloss, toughness, and other properties. Just in case you’re a huge poly fan, the helmet has a polystyrene foam interior lining providing excellent impact absorption. When this is combined with the ABS exterior this product is a win-win design. For those of you who climb in summer and might occasionally have a drop of sweat bead on your brow there is an absorbent pad positioned over the forehead.

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A secure fit is a necessary feature of any decent helmet. The Half Dome Helmet utilizes a strapping system that is both lightweight and comfortable to wear consisting of ergonomically located ballistic nylon straps. Like many of its higher-priced competitors, it offers a nape-mounted instant adjust dial that is easily tuned with one hand so you can loosen or tighten your helmet without letting go of your grip and having to test it.

The Bottom Line

All helmets are not created equal, and the Black Diamond Half Dome is a testament to the idea that you don’t have to look impaired to be safe. If you’re looking for a lightweight, adjustable soft/ hard shell hybrid from a brand you can trust with high performance and quality construction that won’t break the bank you’ve found it in this offering.

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