Black Diamond Momentum AL Climbing Harness Package

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Rock Climbing Harness: Black Diamond Momentum AL Climbing Harness Package

There are few feelings more exhilarating than your first successful ascent. When your life is on the line, don’t trust ancient or poor quality gear.  If you’re just getting into climbing and looking for that perfect beginner’s kit, then check out the Black Diamond AL Climbing Harness Package for new climbers. This package comes with everything you need to rope in and get going without breaking the bank. Climbing gear needs to be durable, lightweight, and manufactured with an exacting attention to detail. In this regard, Black Diamond is a leader in outdoor engineering and a brand you can trust. Now let’s talk about the gear:

The redesigned Momentum AL Harness is lightweight and versatile enough for almost every style of climbing, all year round. Its adjustable leg loops loosen for extra layers in cold weather so you won’t  have to run line through your zipper (just kidding). The loops also offer quick entry/exit so you can put the harness on and take it off without making it necessary to remove your crampons, snow-shoes, plastic boots, etc. The waist-belt is ergonomically fitted and the soft lining is comfortable enough for all day comfort without the rash and itchy skin of bare nylon. A dedicated belay loop is an essential and important safety/performance feature found on all professional grade harnesses. The harness has four additional gear loops for all the other hardware that comes with this kit and anything else you pick up. At 405 grams, it’s a lightweight foundation to tackle what comes your way.

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This wouldn’t be a starter kit without a bag of decent chalk, and a chalk bag. You can’t go wrong with White Gold, an industry standard climbing chalk that offers your fresh fingers the protection they need to avoid blisters and reduce fatigue. The Black Diamond chalk bag is of medium size, made of high quality rip-stop nylon, and a must have unless you plan on digging in your pockets.

Another must-have for any amateur or experienced climber is a trustworthy belay device. This package includes the ATC belay device, which ensures a smooth belay and secure rappelling while using any climbing rope between 8 and 11mm in diameter. This piece was built to last, so Black Diamond made it out of anodized aluminum (anodizing refers to a dying process which involves applying electrical current to metals to create a matte or glossy finish).

The included carabiner is uses a screwgate lock to ensure a secure connection and easy release.

The Bottom Line:

There is a lot of climbing gear out there, and it’s rare to find a package containing so much value from a trusted leader like Black Diamond at a price that appeals to the beginning climber. Between the harness, carabiner, belay loop, chalk, and chalkbag you’re making a great investment in your climbing career.

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