Boreal Joker Strap Rock Shoes

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Rock Climbing Shoe: Boreal Joker Strap Rock Shoes

If you are seeking the ideal blend of comfort and performance the Boreal Joker Strap are the choice for you! They are an excellent beginner shoe as well as great for long climbs and vertical routes.

The high quality split leather upper has a reinforced rip-and-stick closures for easy in and out and very simple adjustments. The polyurethane mesh linings and the padded mesh tongues remove moisture allowing your feet to remain dry and cool throughout your climb.

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Sensitivity is maintained while allowing for excellent edging with the asymmetric sole shape. The EVA pad within the heel really absorbs shocks, increasing comfort. These shoes use the FS-Qauttro rubber which is extremely sticky while providing great performance with the highly abrasion resistant rubber. Great performance in the full range of temperatures and the focus on comfort make the Boreal Joker Strap a great choice for all climbers.

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