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Rock Climbing Shoe: Boreal Sol Rock Shoes

Whether are you climbing overhanging gym routes or classic mulitpicth lines, the Boreal Sol Rock shoes give you the fit you need. With high quality split-grain leather uppers, the rip-and-stick closures that are reinforced and the soft breathable mesh will keep your feet dry and comfortable all day.

Boreal Sol shoes feature the FS-Quattro rubber which is highly abrasion resistant and extremely sticky. This allows for consistent performance regardless of temperature. These shoes even have an EVA pad within the heel to absorb shock.

Great shoes for bouldering, indoor and outdoor as well as long climbs; and are lightweight and versatile. These shoes are handmade in Spain with the highest quality of leather and adjust easily to the little bumps and shapes of your forefoot.

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These are great shoes for those with more of a narrow foot that enjoy climbing regardless of skill level. We can’t recommend these climbing shoes enough and give them 5 stars.

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