Bscale vs Vscale

by Sam
(Colorado Springs, CO)

I’ve been climbing a few months now, but I still have not managed to grasp the relationship between the b and v scales (and no one I’ve asked has been able to sufficiently explain). I’ve been working on a B12 problem the past few days and it doesn’t seem that hard… It feels like maybe V4-V6?

So my question is can you provide the two scales side by side for comparison in difficulty levels?



Sam if you are referring the B scale developed by John Gill here is some more information. This is by the way the only B-scale that I know of for bouldering.

“The B-System conceived by John Gill in the 1950s was a universal rating scheme for bouldering, having three categories: “B1″ was defined as “… the highest level of difficulty in traditional roped climbing” , “B2″ was harder than B1, or “bouldering level”, and the grade “B3″ designated a route ascended only once, although tried by others on several occasions. When a B3 was ascended a second time, it was reclassified as a B2, or B1.”

I hope that helps you understand it better. I have never heard of a B12 before.

-The Climbing Expert

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