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First Outdoor Climb

Tyler’s (Tyler is 5 years old) first outdoor climb located at Pothole Dome in Yosemite. The climb was led by…

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Finding the Next Move

This was taken at El Rito in New Mexico not far from Taos. This climb was one of Casey Eales…

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G.I joe does Barbie 5.9+ sketchy

5.9+ in Northern colorado Combat Rock This climb is up the Big Thompson Canyon, at combat rock, don’t know where…

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Hallet’s Peak

The Dragon Slayer M2-3 It was a snowy December day in the Park, figured we stay out of avalanche danger…

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Gornabanja climbing in the corner

Gornabanja climbing in a quarry in Scotland on an afternoon during the end of November 2008. Got to love climbing…

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High and Dry

by Guillaume Raymond (Montreal,Quebec,Canada) This is actually one of my very first ascent. It takes the sit down start of…

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Hot Ride in the Rock

john rocking its not a joke dont try to climb

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Jennifer Chang Climbing the Dinosaur Rock

This is a rock climbing photo of Jennifer Chang climbing a dinosaur rock.It’s an awesome scene and very interesting to…

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Jorge Rivas in Venezuela

Jorge Rivas in VE I spent a month this spring traveling around Venezuela, climbing. We climbed with the locals of…

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Levi Workin’ up Amarillo Sunset

This huge, pockety 5.11b was found in the Red River Gorge, KY. It got 5 stars from climber and spectators.

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