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Jordan Romero Mount Everest

Jordan Romero and FRS Healthy Energy

For those of you that haven’t heard the name Jordan Romero, Jordan is a young climber who had the dream…

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Alex Puccio Cover of Climbing Magazine

Alex Puccio on the Cover of Outside Magazine

Alex Puccio has been climbing since 2002 and she has a lot to show for it.  Not only is Alex…

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Dave Graham, Midnight Express, V14

by Rock Climbing For Life (Utah) Dave Graham crushing in Btown on Midnight Express a sick V14. This send gives…

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Daniel Woods Sends Jade V15 in RMNP

by Kelli M (Chicago) Here is a video of Daniel Woods climbing Jade V15 in Rocky Mountain National Park this…

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Sonnie Trotter

Sonnie Trotter – A Peak Into This Professional Climber’s Life Sonnie Trotter began climbing when he was 16 years old….

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Paul Robinson Inside the Climbers Guild

by prAna (Southern California, US) Paul Robinson started climbing at the age of 10. In the last decade, he has…

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michael reardon

Michael Reardon News

Michael Reardon is now missing after being swept out to sea by a massive wave as he celebrated completing one…

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Michael Reardon

Michael Reardon, is recognized as one of the leading free soloist in the world. Most climbers are unable to handle…

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John Bachar

Help Out John Bachar Rock Climbing legend John Bachar, 49, of Mammoth Lakes, California, who broke five vertebrae in his…

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Jason Kehl

Jason Kehl Bouldering Maniac Jason Kehl is one of the pro climbing circuits most interesting and well- known climbers. He…

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