Chris Sharma Sends Ceuse Project

Chris Sharma 3 degrees of separation

Chris Sharma 3 Degrees of Separation Ceuse, France

On Sunday July 15, Chris Sharma sent his project in Ceuse, France. His new route Three Degrees of Seperation is just a few hundred feet away from Realization and appears to be about 5.14d.

This route is the exact opposite of Realization though, it has a total of 3 dynos and is only 80 feet high. Three Degrees of Seperation starts on a beautiful looking tufa and works into a pockety face which leads to a six foot dyno that took Chris Sharma at least a few dozens tries to stick.

A line very similar to this was put up originally by Arnaud Petit but no one could stick the dyno. Chris straightened out the bolts and has been able to put it all together.

Chris said that it is very hard to grade this route because it has three dynos in it, but Dave Graham says it is 9a/5.14d.

You can check out a preview of Sharma of Three Degrees of Seperation at Big Up Productions. This route will be featured in there new rock climbing dvd ‘King Lines’ coming out this fall. I guarantee this dvd will rock.

Source: big up productions

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