Climbax Climbing Gym

Climbmax Climbing Gym – Indoor Climbing Gym

Tempe, Arizona’s Climbmax climbing gym is great for beginners who are still working on developing their skills and very effective for seasoned climbers who are training. Their climbing walls and routes are set to provide a rewarding experience for everyone and to provide with fun enjoyable time. Even the kids have their own area, complete with a climb-through cave.

All climbing area floors are covered with state-of-the-art padding to provide optimum landings.

Gym features: (from their site)

• 9000 ft. of top rope/lead climbing walls 27-30 ft. high

• 6000 ft. of dedicated Bouldering walls

• dedicated children’s area with caves & a rock bridge!

• fitness equipment• great atmosphere and community

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Here is all of the climbing gym’s contact information for you.

Address: 1330 W. Auto Dr. #112Tempe, Arizona 85284

Phone: (480) 626-7755

Website: Climbmax Site

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