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Climbing games are fun and can be a great way to spice up your climbing. These games are fun to play with your friends and are great for taking your mind of that stupid route/problem you can’t send. Below we discuss some of the games we like to play when we are just messing around in the gym.

If you know of a game that is fun and we don’t have listed here fill in the form at the bottom. We will put up on this site and give you credit. Thanks in advance.

Climbing Games List

Add On

This is probably the most common rock climbing game. To start you will need 2-5 people to play, it is best with 3. To start the first person picks to start holds and then adds two moves on with each hand. The next climber will then grab the same start holds complete the 2 previous moves and add on 2 more. The game will continue to go on likn that. If someone falls without completing the sequence or adding on their two moves they are then out of the game.

You can play with open feet or with selected feet.

Dyno Contests

This is a favorite between our climbing crew. Find a good start hold and place one or two foot holds on. Now place a jug or two descent holds high above the start. Here is the fun part take turns dynoing for that baby. The dyno doesn’t have to be straight vertical, it could be horizontal, or a combo of both.

Blindfold Climbing

This climbing game is best to do on top rope. Blindfold the climber and let him climb up the wall just feeling his way up. This is a great exercise that helps you focus on using your feet, having good body position, and communication with your climbing partner. This exercise can really help you in the long run to become a better climber.

On a standard climbing wall 8×8 or bigger, place at least 4 different color holds. Now create a color chart.

Take a square and draw line creating 4 …

Graffetti This is a bouldering game where a a large jug is selected on a wall. Each person must use this jug as a starting hold and climb …

Add on Variation Not rated yet
Played similar to Add on, but you pick a start hold and a finish hold some distance away. Each person adds a move to the existing route in the direction …

Mountaineering Game Not rated yet
Take a long rope and the climbers tie themselves in every 3 feet. Then they have to traverse from one point to another without falling off. They need …

Show Me. Not rated yet
Typically a 2 person game. Players pick an area and agree on a small set of holds in that area that must be used. One player will then offer what they …

Take Away Not rated yet
Start with a route that your competitors can climb well. Everybody takes a lap and then the first person removes a grip from the route before taking the …

Get Dressed! Not rated yet
Hang different items on the wall (hats, gloves, pants, shorts, jackets, shoes, etc.). The idea is that the climber must pass through the wall and whenever …

Pointer Not rated yet
This is mostly a traversing game since it requires a partner to “point”. The person designated as the pointer will use a broom handle or any pole to point …

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