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Climbing Gear Reviews

Rock Climbing for life has created this climbing gear reviews section in an attempt to help climber's and outdoor enthusiasts find the right gear for them.

If you are interested in doing a climbing gear review with us scroll past our reviews and continue reading down the page.

If your company has a rock climbing or outdoor product that you would like our team of testers to test and review please contact us.

Our testers are some of the most knowledgeable and passionate climbers and outdoor enthusiasts around. That being the case we promise an objective published review or your product within 30 days or reaching our testers.

All you have to do is send your product samples to Rock Climbing For Life or directly to our testers.

Some examples of the things we review include new equipement such as a tent or harness, a new piece in your outerwear line such as fleece or down jacket, food products aimed at outdoor enthusiasts or athletes, or even rock climbing books or dvds.

Specifics: RockClimbingForLife.com or its product testers /reviewers receive the product at no cost to them. You can choose how many reviewers you would like to send your product to -- it could be just one, or many. We think that it is best to have 2 to 3 reviewers, but it is always the companies choice.

We give the product testers/reviewers 30 days from receiving the product to post a review on RockClimbingForLife.com. You will then have access to the reviews as they will be posted online. You can than use our reviews for whatever purposes you seem applicable in your marketing and promotional efforts.

Biased or Unbiased: We want you to know that your product will receive a completely unbiased review. That means if your product isn't very good our testers/reviewers will say so. However, if your product is great we will let everyone know about it. We only say this because we want you to be aware that we are not going to sugarcoat anything. Our reviews will be objective and unbiased about your product.

Costs: You will cover the cost of giving (or loaning) the product to RockClimbingForLife.com or our knowledgeable reviewers, plus a small administrative fee of $50.

What are you going to get?:

That is a great and important question. You will receive the following...

  • Product feedback from extremely knowledgeable and passionate climbers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • You and your product will be featured in our RockClimbingForLife.com's climbing gear reviews section permanently. This information will include product photo and direct ordering information(no aff. links).

To have your product reviewed by our knowledgeable and passionate climbers and outdoor enthusiasts please contact us.

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