Climbing Rope Question

I want to buy my daughter a rope for her 21st birthday. (She has had her own shoes and harness for 4-5 years.) should I buy her one or two? 60mm or 70mm length.?

Want to get her a good basic rope (intermediate level) Any suggestions?



Hey Kathy,

That is a good question. First you will only need to buy one rope. There are some unique circumstances where two would be good but for her it sounds like one is the way to go.

A 60m or 70m works great. If she does a lot of long routes the 70 is better but 60m is pretty standard.

As far as suggestions I like Bluewater and Petzl ropes myself.

This is one of my favorites Petzl Zephyr Climbing Rope

Hope that helps.

-The Climbing Expert

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