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These are some of our favorite sport climbing videos that we have seen online. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.

If you come across some sick sport climbing movies be sure to add them

Enjoy these climbing videos!

The 2003 Petzl Roctrip featured some of Europe’s best women and men climbers. This video features the women climbing a beautiful 8c and the men attempting to climb a ungraded route possibly as hard as 9b. This video is packed with incredible climbing some good size falls, and a great setting. Hope you like it.

Tomas Mrazek climbing the Underground 5.14c/d. This route is sick and man talk about endurance it seems like he is on the route for like 10 minues. Look for the double toe hook where he completely lets go with his hands. Talk about sick. This is one of my favorite online climbing movies to date.

Adam Ondra repeats Martin Krpan 9a in Misja Pec. Adam is currently the youngest climber in the world who has climbed 9A. This video is pretty sick and congrats goes out to the guy. Totally strong.

Although this is a short video you need to check it out. Lynn Hill is one the sports most accomplished climbers. This is a great video of her climbing a beautiful route in Mill Creek, Utah.

Steve Mcclure Flashes an 8b sport route
Steve Mcclure flashed this route at night. Pretty crazy if I don’t say so myself.

Filmed at the Scalatabel climbing festival in southern France. A …

Free Climbing Nightmare
That’s the free solo send of Path Of Excess Power 8a+ trad.

Andreas Proft sends Going Nuts 8a barefoot
Andreas sends Going Nuts (8a) after taking a scary fall.

Dave MacLeod Crushing Darwin Dixit (5.14b) in Spain
I saw this cool climbing video of Dave Macleod climbing Darwin Dixit 5.14b in Spain and thought I would share it with you all.

Dave is an extremely …

Sport Climbing Footage from Recent Petzl Roc Trip
Here is a cool sport climbing video from the recent Petzl Rock Trip. Footage includes Sean McColl flashing “Thanatopsis” 5.14a and Michael Fuselier FA’…

Dider Berthod Climbing Europe’s Hardest Crack
This is actually a Trad video, but it is cool.

This is an excerpt from First Ascent as in of Dider Berthod from Switzerland climbing Europe’s hardest …

Tomas Mrazek Climbing White Zombie 8c
This is a video of Tomas Mrazek climbing on White Zombie which is a classic 8c.

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