Could This Really Be a Figure 8 Knot

The local news station had a summer time adventure article on climbing. Notice the knot in the video. It starts out as a standard figure 8 but when Chuck starts climbing the tail is coming out toward Chuck rather than tied off around the main rope.

Is there some accepted way of finishing off the figure 8 so the tail comes towards the climber? If so can you point me to a reference showing how it works? I know a bowline can be finished in this manner but he narative says he is tying a figure 8 and that is what it looks like he started tying.

John most likely it is a figure 8 knot with a Yosemite follow through. Where you are tucking the tail of your knot back through part of your knot. I have used this knot for years. Although be advised some climbing gyms do not let you tie this in their gym.

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