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Dave Graham Climbing Videos

Dave Graham is an elite climber with an interesting story.

Graham grew up in the northeast and began climbing in 1997. You could say this cat was born to climb since only 1 year later he was climbing 5.14a…quite an incredible feat.

In no time Graham was crushing the routes at Rumney and putting up many new routes.

It was after high school that Graham went to Europe for about 6 years. In this time he sent and put up numerous hard routes.

Dave was not your typical elite climber who appeared in lots of magazines, dvds, or interviews. He more so kept to himself and would occasionally let the climbing world know what he was up to.

It was by keeping to himself that left Graham a mystery and caused many to not really understand this climbing machine.

Check out these videos and let us know what you think.

Baston a la maison ’8c’

During th Petzl Roctrip at Kalymnos, Dave onsighted the first Women Ultimate Route (8b) This beautiful line was a bit wet the first day, so the girls climbed an other routes. But after a couple days of North wind, the route was dry and Dave onsighted the first ascent! This is a really cool video I am sure you’ll like it.

Click below to see more sick bouldering videos from other visitors to this page…

Dave Graham back in Chaos Canyon
Dave Graham is back in Chaos Canyon and climbing on some of the new problems up there. Here he is on the Secret Splendour V12 and doing the third ascent …

Dave Graham Attempting Ali Hulk 5.15b
This video is of Dave Graham attempting Ali Hulk 5.15b in Rodellar, Spain. This is a Dani Andrada route and is sick hard.

Dave Graham and Chad Greedy Climbing in Fountainbleau
Here is a video of Dave Graham and Chad Greedy bouldering in Fountainbleau.

Dave Graham, Midnight Express, V14
Dave Graham crushing in Btown on Midnight Express a sick V14. This send gives Dave the third ascent of Midnight Express. By the way it looks like a little …

Dave Graham Climbing Dreamtime V14
Dave Graham is one of my favorite rock climbers. He has great ethics, is certainly crazy, and is really fun to watch. Here is Dave sending a classic …

Dave Graham Rock Climbing Video – Second Ascent of Mandala
In this rock climbing video Dave Graham is doing the second ascent of Chris Sharma’s ‘The Mandala’ at the Buttermilks in Bishop, CA. This is from way back …

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