Delaware Rock Gym

Delaware Rock Gym – Indoor Climbing Gym

The Delaware Rock Gym features 11,300+ square feet of rock climbing surface. The climbing wall has a steel frame design that allows shapes and features that are not possible with wood framed walls and allows lead climbing on any wall we choose. The dyed concrete finish of the walls won’t fade or wear off.

Main wall features include 44-foot tall lead routes, a 6-foot lead roof, arêtes, overhangs and other unique features.

Other walls consist of a 38-foot tall freestanding top-rope island featuring many lead-able features, such as a 16-foot chimney, overhangs, arêtes, and other unique features.

With 2000+ sqft. dedicated to bouldering, walls range from beginner slab to an advanced 18-foot long, 40-degree overhang.

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Address:520 Carson Dr.Bear, Delaware 19701 Phone: (302) 838-5850

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