Devin Munk 14 Years Old Survives 100 Foot Fall

by Alan Munk
(Winnemucca Nevada)

Devin Munk a 14 year old from the Seattle area was on a family outing when the earth gave way under his feet and he started to fall – he couldn’t arrest his slide, and ended up falling off a 100 foot cliff. His father, brother and sister all witnessed the fall.

Devin has spent the last month at Harborview hospital and has many broken bones. It appears that he may have to have his feet amputated. He is also accumulating a huge medical bill, that will be very hard for his family to pay.

I’m a good friend of the family and would encourage anyone out there with a desire to help Devin – There is a fund set up at Wells Fargo bank. You may make any donations you can in the name of Devin Munk. For a detailed account of Devin’s experience and recuperation – go to

Thank you.

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