Eating for Life – Bill Phillips

Eating for Life by Bill Phillips

I am thrilled about Eating For Life as a guy who’s passionate about food and fitness himself, I can say I was pretty excited about reviewing Mr. Phillips most recent book Eating for Life.

Before I begin discussing the book let me tell you a little about Mr. Phillips. Bill Phillips has helped hundreds of thousands of people, from all walks of life, build leaner, stronger bodies and enjoy healthier, happier lives. His Program for renewing physical and mental strength is shared in the #1 New York Times bestselling book Body-for-LIFE.

And now, Bill Phillips has created Eating For Life to help inspire and guide even more people to improve their health and lift their quality of life to new heights.

In other words, he knows his stuff.

Getting into the book…

Did you truly enjoy the food you ate today? Do you really like the way you look and feel? Are you consistently enjoying great health and high energy?

Bill Phillips, believes your answer to all of the above questions should be, “Yes!” He feels that food should be a source of pure pleasure. A source of positive, abundant energy!

Phillips, who’s widely regarded as today’s most successful fitness author, has firm beliefs which go against the grain of today’s popular weight-loss methods. “Diets, all of them, are potentially dangerous, most always dumb and ultimately a dead-end street!” he insists. “Eventually, anyone and everyone who’s at all concerned with their health must learn how to feed their body, not how to starve it.”

Instead, Phillips encourages a safe and sound solution which includes eating balanced, nutrient-rich meals, frequently throughout the day. “This is what works in the long run,” he explains.

For any climber who wants to shed some unwanted fat, learn how to eat to minimize your recovery time, learn the truth about dieting, seperate the myths vs. facts, or just loves food and wants to really enjoy it Eating For Life is for you.

Nutrition and your diet is extremely important especially for climbers who put high demands on their bodies. Let Mr. Phillips show you how to feed your body properly.

This book covers a lot…including sections on the big fat problem, fast-food frenzy, the dieting dilemma, myth vs. fact, the eating right recipe, how to have fun and feel free with food, questions and answers, and how to put it all together. Not too mention all of the meal reciepes and grocery guide.

Bottom line?

Considering the facts that more than 1,000 people will die, every single day due to complication caused by being overweight, obese, out of shape and that there are over 130 million overweight adults, Bill’s book is a bit of a ‘no brainer’.

Remember this book isn’t just about being able to lose some quick pounds it is about Eating for Lifestyle so even if you don’t need to lose weight this book is for you.

I guess it boils down to this…

The book, coupled with the Eating for Lifstyle plan, meal recipes, and the online members area make this a very worthwhile purchase. If you want discover how to nourish your body the right way and then learn how to apply that knowledge so you can enjoy greater health, reduce bodyfat, and gain energy check out Mr. Phillips book.

I highly recommend it!

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  1. Weight Loss Workouts Expert Says:

    November 7th, 2010 at

    Super article

    There’s nothing like being healthy. In today’s era of fastfood, we mustworkout occasionnaly and throw off our unhealthy diet habits. It’s not extremely hard. You only have to stick to a diet program and keep going until you reach your objectives.

    Thank you for sharing this with your readers.

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