Evolv Defy Climbing Shoe

Evolv Defy Climbing Shoe Review

By Rock Climbing For Life

The Evolv Defy is a fairly inexpensive all around shoe that is great for beginning and intermediate climbers.

First the specs:

  • PROFILE Asymmetrical toe profile (KA-1 last)
  • SOLE 4.2 mm TRAX┬« XT-5 high friction rubber
  • RAND 2.2mm TRAX┬« duro-rand
  • UPPER Non-stretch Synthratek synthetic upper
  • LINING Nylon lining
  • MIDSOLE MX-1 1mm sensitive teardrop half-length midsole
  • SIZES 2to 15 US men, including half sizes

Beginning climbers need to look for shoes that offer comfort and support.

The Evolv Defy climbing shoe provides good support for your foot because of the stiff rubber sole.

The shoe has relatively good sensitivity, which means you can feel the foot holds underneath your feet well. This is an important quality in learning to climb well and something that is necessary in any performance shoe.

The Defy has two Velcro straps that allow you to slip the shoe on and off very quickly. Making the shoe fantastic for bouldering or sport climbing sessions that are indoors or outdoors. I do recommend you take the shoes off in between climbs, especially during long gym sessions.

The Evolv Defy has a nice inner lining that helps the shoe from stretching out. This is important because as you climb more and more in a shoe you want it to feel and fit the same. The Defy allows that feeling and fit over the climbing lifetime of the shoe.


The thing that strikes me the most is the comfortable fit while being snug.


Not the best shoe for very aggressive boulder problems.

Bottom Line

The shoe is a wonderful shoe for beginning and intermediate climbers that want to get an all-round performance shoe that is comfortable.

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