Evolv Elektra Rock Shoes

Rock Climbing Shoe: Evolv Elektra Rock Shoes

Women with narrow, low-profile feet love the Evolv Elektra Rock Shoes for their special shaping and comfort. Women of all skill levels will find increased performance from technical moves to smearing.

The evolv Elektra shoes provide bedroom slipper comfort combined with 4.2mm TRXT XT-5 high friction rubber soles for enhanced cling. The VTR 3D technology gives you toe rands of varying thickness to increase durability without that cumbersome effect.

Looking for edging power without sacrificing flexibility? The Elektra Rock shoes use Teardrop MX-P 1mm half-length midsoles for those technical moves and smearing. While the Synthratek synthetic suede uppers promote fast drying and resists stretching.

Moisture is no longer a concern with the nylon lining while working with the dual heel loop for easy entry. No more mashed toes thanks to the asymmetric toe profile. This is the perfect climbing shoe for women of all skill levels for indoor and outdoor climbing.

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