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Five Ten Guide Shoes Women Review

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Rock Climbing Shoe: Five Ten Guide Tennie Shoes

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, having the right climbing shoes can make all the difference in your climbing experience. The Five Ten Guide Tennie Shoes for women are built on a women’s last and have a lower volume fit as opposed to the men’s version.

Difficult climbs or handling long approaches; the Five Ten Guide Tennie Shoe gives you the durability and versatility that you require. The Norbuck leather uppers give miles of support while the built in rocker within the sole keeps the comfort level beyond compare.

Arch support is provided by the compression molded EVA midsoles and the Stealth C4 Dotty tread rubber outsoles provide exceptional grip and stickiness.

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The ankle to toe lacing gives you the fine tuning control over tightness for walking or when the trail turns vertical. The versatility and durability makes the Five Ten Guide Tennie Shoe perfect for female climbers of all skill levels.

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