Graffetti – Rock Climbing Game

by Kevin

(Atlanta, Georgia)

Number of players: 2-5

This is a bouldering game where a a large jug is selected on a wall. Each person must use this jug as a starting hold and climb to another rock. Once they put their hand on another rock and can hold that other rock for 3 seconds, they come off the wall and that rock gets tagged with tap to signify it has already been used. Once a rock has been tagged, no one can use it as a hold for their hands.

Eventually, the rocks around the starting hold will all become tagged, and climbers will have to climb without their hands to reach other holds that are to far away to reach from the starting hold.

Your hands can only touch the starting rock and the rock you are going to tag.

If you fall off the wall, before you reach a rock that can be tagged, then you get one strike. Three strikes and you are out.

Good starting holds are places where there is a incline where you can lean into the wall for some support. Another good place is at corners where you can use the corner to help balance your weight.

Shouts to Aiguille Rock climbing in Orlando, Fl.

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