Hueco Tanks

Hueco Tanks Climbing and Bouldering

Hueco Tanks Bouldering

Hueco Tanks Bouldering

Hueco Tanks has some of the best bouldering in the world and definitely the best in Texas. Every year climbers travel from all over the world to boulder here.

Climbing at Hueco is 5 dollars a day and you can also camp in the park for about 8 dollars a day. The most popular place for climbers to stay is at the Hueco Rock Ranch which is 5 dollars a night or 4 dollars a night if you stay over 14 days.

The rock at Hueco Tanks is a there are tons of amazing boulder problems throughout the park with some good roped climbs on north mountain. North mountain is the only mountain you can get on without a guide the rest of the park can be explored with either a volunteer guide or a commercial guide.

70 people a day are allowed to roam unguided on North Mountain each day, but 60 of those spots are reservable thru the Austin office leaving only 10 open to walkins.

Busiest times of the year are traditionally Thanksgiving and Christmas thru the 3rd week of January. Try to have either park or commercial reservations during this time to ensure access to the park. The phone number for the park headquarters is (915) 857-1135.

Directions: Hueco Tanks State Historic Park is located in west Texas, near the city of El Paso. Head northeast of El Paso on US Highway 62/180, and turn north on Ranch Road 2775. Follow signs to the park entrance.

Access to Hueco Tanks has recently been threatened please visit for more information.

My Experience at Hueco

Hueco Tanks is certainly the best bouldering area that I have ever been to. Some friends and I ventured off on a long road trip from Tallahassee Florida to Hueco almost 2 years ago. Man was that drive killer, but it was well worth.

This is when my love for bouldering really began. The six of us were in heaven for that spring break. We were so pumped up to finally be bouldering outside the southeast that we climbed without any rest days.

Hueco is certainly on my list of hot destinations and I plan on going back there some time very soon. Plus it has the huge plus of the Hueco Rock Ranch, which is a fantastic camping and chill area.

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