Im 12 and I fell 15 Feet on Rocks

by marie jamella kendal

I’m 13….June 9th is a day i will never forget. that is the day i went rock climbing. its was not the first time i went. so here’s the story… so I’m climbing up and i reach the top and when I’m coming down i fall 15 feet on rocks.i was air lifted and taken to a hospital. i spent a month in hospital. i lost mobility in my right side, fractured a bone in my neck and tail bone! I’m all good now.but i still wear a soft neck brace and my mobility in my right hand and leg has almost full come back. I’m a sporty person so i miss my sports! i swam for my country in April in south Africa and i played tennis,hockey,netball and also got a netball prize!

never give up!

ps: i was wearing a harness! i think the guy let go of me!! =[

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