Indoor Climbing Competitions

Indoor Climbing Competitions – Climbing Competition Videos and More

In most cases climbers find their only competition is their self and the rock. Whether you solo climb or climb with partners, you are constantly competing with your own strength, your own mind and the unforgiving rock.

Indoor rock climbing competitions allow climbers the opportunity to compete with other climbers and feed their competitive drive.

There are several thousand rock-climbing competitions held worldwide. These indoor rock climbing competitions allow climbers to compete against each other to gather points which count towards your national or world ranking.

Other competitions may not be sanctioned and are for the pure joy of competing against other climbers.

Each competition is unique and offers its own set of challenges to the climber.

You may be taller and thinner than another climber, this may give you an edge on what holds you can reach to excel through the route, while a smaller climber will not have the same hold options as you and may have to use a different route completely to send.

In addition to the difference between climbers, there are also several rules that may dictate which holds you may use and where “out of bounds” is considered. These are just a few features of indoor rock climbing that make it truly as challenging as the real thing.

Do you want to see what a real life climbing competition looks like?

If so, then you need to check out this bouldering competition video.

One of the best features about indoor rock climbing is the weather is always great. Climbers do not have to worry about fighting and competing against the elements such as wind, rain and heat. This also ensures that the route is fair to each and every competitor and they have just as much chance of doing as well as the next guy.

Just like real life climbing, practice makes perfect and there are a few other ideas to keep in mind when preparing for an indoor climbing competition. Climbers will need to train themselves for competition.

During competition previewing the route and watching others climb it is essential. A good preview may decide whether or not you send, so you will want to master this skill. Climbers who are able to preview and visualize the route before climbing have a better chance of getting their moves right the first time.

Those who are good previewers are able to go farther while using less of their energy; this is essential to your success.

Climbing competitions are great for feeding your competitive drive, meeting and finding other climbers and preparing for the great outdoors.

Indoor Climbing Competition Videos Submitted by Our Visitors

Click below to see more sick bouldering videos from other visitors to this page…

Emily Harrington and Lauren Lee Dominating at an Indoor Climbing Competition
2008 Nationals Indoor Climbing Competition.

Two of the rock climbing superstars Emily Harrington and Lauren Lee throwing down at Nationals 2008 at Momentum …

Lisa Rands at ABS 2008 Regionals Champion
Watch professional climber Lisa Rands crank her way to victory in the 2008 ABS Western Regional Bouldering Comp aka Project Mayhem held at Vertical Heaven …

Carlo Traversi ABS 2008 Regional Champion
Mega Cranker Carlo Traversi nabs the high point on Men’s Final route #4 at the ABS 2008 Western Regional Bouldering Comp at Vertical Heaven in smelly Ventura …

Indoor Climbing Competition Video with Ivan Greene
This is some pretty sweet footage from a Indoor Climbing Competition. Professional rock climber Ivan Greene and UNI climbers Paul Nadler and Dusty Ross …

Mammut/EMS Bouldering Competition Summer 2007
The Outdoor Retailer Summer 07 Bouldering Competition in Salt Lake City was the biggest bouldering comp in the US so far. Check out these two videos.

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