Injury As A Result of Bouldering

by Hemant

Hi, My name is Hemant from India my age is 38 from last 2 years I am doing practice I have ligament & Elbow problems because of climbing what should I do?


Hemant, that’s a great question. First off bouldering can most certainly cause ligament and elbow problems. Here are some things that can really help.

First off you need to REST. Most boulders climb 5-6 days a week. Over training and climbing for too many days in a row is a major factor.

Next be sure that you are stretching and warming up before you climb. It is extremely important that you warm your muscles up before you climb.

Don’t forget to cool down after you climb. For about 15 minutes begin to climb easier things and stretch again at the end of your climbing sessions.

Also, you can take some glucosamine supplements.

I hope that helps.

-the Climbing Expert

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