Jason Kehl

Jason Kehl Bouldering Maniac

Jason Kehl is one of the pro climbing circuits most interesting and well- known climbers. He has done a lot of first ascents and is a specialist at high ball bouldering.

Some of his impressive climbs include the first ascent of After Midnight V11 in Yosemite, sending the Fly V14 without a rope, The Black Lung V13, God Module V11, just to name a few.

He is not only a climber he is also an artist. His website is cryptochild.com.

I have compiled some of my favorite videos of him climbing below.

Jason Kehl is definitely not your ordinary climber and either are these climbing videos.

DrTopo just recently did a Cribs episode with Jason. This video is pretty interesting since he lives out of his van. Although I must say the van is pretty sweet. I dig his kitchen and water fountain the most. Check it out…

Here he is in true form on Rules of Chaos. This video is definitely his style so enjoy.

God Module is one of the hardest boulder problems at Horsepens 40. Here he makes short work of God Module in a few days.

Here is Jason Kehl doing another first ascent. This one is a mega highball in the Buttermilks and is totally sick. Of all the videos done by him and his friends this is one of my favorites and is totally rad. Hope you like it.

Well there you have it these are my favorite rock climbing videos of this crytochild. Hope you’ve enjoyed them if you come across anymore that you think should be up here add them here.

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