Just Started Climbing 5.13′s

by Anant
(Fargo ND)


I am an avid climber and I have extensive mountaineering and climbing experience. Ranging from climbing peaks and working for mountain rescue in the Himalayas to indoor and trad climbing.

I just recently started climbing 12d’s and just climbed a 13 and I was wondering if this would be a good enough achievement to enable to get me support/sponsorship of some kind.

I already work at a climbing gym and others are ready to hire me, but i was just wondering if that is a possibility.

Becoming a sponsor climber can be really tough or pretty easy depending on one key factor. Who do you know in the industry. There are a ton of rock climbers that end up getting support or small sponsorships from companies just based on who they know. By no means are they living off these sponsorships in fact they typically only get some climbing gear every now and than.

Basically when it comes to getting sponsored or support from climbing companies you need to be able to sell them on why sponsoring you is going to allow them to sell more stuff. That’s what it comes down to. So is your achievement enough? I don’t know you need to just get out there and see what can happen.

-The Climbing Expert

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