Laces vs Velcro

by Parveen
(South Africa)

Hi there

I’m a beginner climber & would like to buy my first pair of climbing shoes. I plan to climb outdoors more often than indoors. Are shoes with laces better than shoes with velcro? I’m concerned with dust preventing the velcro from working properly after a few climbs. The 2 shoes I am considering are the Evolv Defy (velcro) and the Evolv demorto (laces). Do you have any experience with these shoes?


Answer: That is a great question Parveen. I do have experience with Evolv shoes, but I have not worn or used either of those shoes themselves. I do however believe that since this is your first pair of climbing shoes I would recommend the laces (Demorto). Here is why: when you start climbing you need support in your feet. Laces provide better support for you than velcro.

The only way I would suggest the velcros is if you plan on bouldering more than rope climbing so that you can take your shoes off in between bouldering problems.

-the Climbing Expert

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