Los Angeles Rockreation

Los Angeles Rockreation – Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

The Los Angeles Rockreation features some of the best climbing in Los Angeles. The gym is equipped with 9000 square feet of sculpted climbing terrain, varied top rope challenges, lead Climbing Terrain with an arch, bouldering Cave, weight machines and cardiovascular training equipment.

Not too mention there is also:

• Classes and Personal Coaching

• Birthday Parties with Separate Party Room

• Kids Activities, Merit Badges & School Programs

• Day Passes & Memberships (freezes available)

• Corporate Team Building

• Youth Climbing Leagues

• Yoga Classes

Do you need any rock climbing gear? Take advantage of all these discounts available below.


11866 La Grange Ave.Los Angeles, California 90025

Phone: (310) 207-7199

Website: http://www.Rockreation.com

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