Mad Rock Flash Climbing Shoe

Mad Rock Flash Climbing Shoe Review

Buy the Mad Rock Flash Climbing Shoe – Men’s for $69.95

Mad Rock Flash Climbing Shoe - Men's


  • Sole: 5.3mm Mad Rubber Formula #5
  • Heel Cup: 3-D molded Hooker heel with descent tread, Mad Rubber Formula #3
  • Rand: 2.2mm Mad Rubber Formula #4
  • Midsole: 1mm compressed fiber midsole
  • Upper: 2.0mm SupaSuede leather
  • Construction: Double stitched, seamless binding, padded neoprene tongue
  • Entry/Closure: Dual external directional pull tabs with dual Loctite hook and loop closure
  • Available Sizes: US 3 to 13, 14, 15

The Flash climbing shoe is by far one of my top picks for a beginning climbers first shoe.

This mad rock climbing shoe has the benefit of all day comfort and sensitivity. Being a velcro shoe with two hook-and-loop tabs allows you to put on this shoe in a couple seconds,it makes these climbing shoes very easy to put on and take off during your bouldering or roped climbing sessions.

These traits make it a wonderful shoe for long bouldering or roped climbing sessions in the gym, which can be very common amongst beginning climbers.

Update: Mad Rock has changed the velcro straps to newly added textured TPR rubber twin straps. All that means for you is that the velcro straps are textured and in essence would assist you in your climbing. In my opinion it is a nice new feature, but is not very likely to make a huge impact.

Cons: These shoes tend to where a little quicker than others for beginning climbers. In my opinion this is mostly caused by less than perfect foot technique. A majority of the wear can be avoided by NOT dragging your feet and toes on the rock or wall. Also, remove the shoes when you are not climbing.

Bottom Line: The Mad Rock Flash climbing shoe is comfortable, technical and perfect for beginning climbers.

Buy the Mad Rock Flash Climbing Shoe – Men’s for $69.95

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