Mad Rock Mad Monkey Rock Shoes

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Rock Climbing Shoe: Mad Rock Mad Monkey Rock Shoes – Kids’

A great way to get the kids away from the video games and into physical activities is to introduce them to rock climbing! Mad Rock Mad Monkey Rock Shoes are specifically designed for your child’s feet. They are stylish and comfortable!

One of the best attributes of this shoe is its adjustable strap! Kid’s feet grow quickly, this allows for a great fit while still allowing some room for growth using the Velcro tightness adjusters.

The Mad Monkey Shoes are designed to appeal to your child. The style is bright and exudes fun! SupaSuede leather uppers and slip-lasted soles offer a sensitive feel while providing comfort and durability.

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The dual-density 3D Mad Rubber outsoles include soft, thin centers for smearing and strong rims for edging. Reviewers give these shoes 4 stars! They are rugged, versatile and lightweight and great for indoor and outdoor climbing. Parent’s love that their kids are being physical and kids love being able to climb in comfort!

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