Metolius Cheap Bastard

Metolius Cheap Bastard Reviewed and Rated

The Metolius Cheap Bastard crash pad is perfect for us dirtbag climbers because it is cheap and a solid pad.

This bouldering pad has a solid 4.5 inches of foam providing a soft catch and a price tag that won’t cost you a months worth of food. If you would you rather spend your time climbing than working the metolius cheap bastard is going to be your baby.

Just like the Fat Bastard this pad has Metolius’ trademark diagonal hinge that folds flat and eliminates the dead spot found in square-hinged pads. This is definitely one of my favorite things about metolius and their crash pads.
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Using an engineered foam set up, this pad stacks closed-cell foam on top of open-cell foam to disperse the force of a fall throughout the pad, creating a cushy almost pillowy catch for your falls.

This baby doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles that the Fat Bastard comes with and that is why the price is slashed. If you can get by without external pockets and fancy patterns you’ll be alright.

Just the way you like it this beast is thicker, cheaper and just as large as the Fat Bastard and gives you the protection you need to step up to another highball. Not too mention it doesn’t break the bank so you can buy more climbing gear .

Bottom Line:

Save yourself some cash and get yourself the Metolius Cheap Bastard Crash Pad.

Buy the Metolius Cheap Bastard Crash Pad today.

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