Metolius Fat Bastard Crash Pad

Metolius Fat Bastard Crash Pad Reviewed and Rated

Metolius has been a long-time dominator of the bouldering crash pad market. One of there newest releases is the Metolius Fat Bastard Crash Pad it is one of the Best Values on the market right now.

Not only does this bad boy have a sweet ass name but it is packed with features that will help protect you out on the rock especially from those sketchy landings.

The Metolius Fat Bastard has three inches of open-cell foam topped by one inch of high-density closed-cell foam which creates a juicy four inches of impact diffusion and absorption.
metolius fat bastard, metolius crash pads, bouldering pads, crash pads, fat bastardOne of my favorite things about Metolius’ is the trademark 45-degree center hinge that allows this pad to fold flat and still avoid that dreaded center gutter that occurs on most hinged crash pads.

Not sure about you but I have landed dead center on the hinge of other pads and trust me it doesn’t feel good.

Metolius Fat Bastard sweet specs:

Laminated die-cut shoulder straps, a waist-belt (key for long distances) and a briefcase handle (key for short distances), but both of these are definitely needed to make carrying a breeze.

Metolius seals the deal with custom Metolius aluminum buckles that are stamped with a slight curve for superior holding power and unbreakable strength.

Bottom Line: When your body and your wallet depend on a crash pad, why choose anything else? The Metolius Fat Bastard Crash Pad is the best value deal out there right now.

Pick up the Metolius Fat Bastard Crash Pad today.

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