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Michael Reardon is now missing after being swept out to sea by a massive wave as he celebrated completing one of Ireland’s beautiful cliffs.

Micahel Reardon

photo of Micahel Reardon

Michael Reardon, 33, is an accomplished free soloist, free soloing routes all over the world. Reardon than made movies of his insane ascents and shared them with the world.

He has been missing since about 5pm on Friday despite searches by lifeboat, shannon search and rescue, coast-guards, cliff rescue teams, divers and local people.

At this point we fear the he might have passed away.

Here is a friends account of what happened.

“He was standing below a climb he had just completed and the photographer, Damon Corso, was about 30ft away taking pictures of him.

Michael was on a real high after the climb. He was about 10ft above the sea and he let go and had his hands out, celebrating, to say he had completed the climb of his life. But then a rogue wave just came in.

The wave hit him on the knees and he lost his balance and slipped on the algae. He was shouting for help but there was nothing Damon could do.”

To Michael’s family we want you to know that you are in our thoughts and that Michael was huge part of the climbing community.

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