Mount Everest Expeditions

Are You Looking for Mount Everest Expeditions?

Mount Everest Expeditions are high on the list of avid climbers. To reach the top of the tallest mountain in the world standing a whopping 29,029 feet is indeed an achievement that dedicated climbers dream about.

Mount Everest is located on the borders of Nepal and Tibet in the Himalayas. It is the ultimate challenge for climbers all over the world. Its natural beauty and incredible height is a lure that is difficult to resist.

There is much preparation to be considered prior to planning your Mount Everest expedition. The first of course is physical readiness and climbing skills. It is incredibly important that one has already completed numerous high altitude climbs prior to attempting Mount Everest. Oxygen levels decrease rapidly as one ascends to higher altitudes. At the peak of Mount Everest the oxygen level is one third of the levels on the ground. This can wreak serious havoc not only on your physical body but also on your mental capabilities. Having experience with high altitude climbs can mean the difference between reaching the summit and experiencing terrible physical and mental ailments.

Mount Everest expeditions also require that the climber is able and accustomed to carrying heavy packs for multiple days. You can expect to carry on average of 30lbs or more under extreme conditions of cold and low oxygen levels. Temperatures on Mount Everest can reach a staggering 100 degrees below zero! Taking time to acclimate yourself to extreme cold temperatures is highly recommended prior to planning your own expedition.

There are four camps along the route to the top of Mount Everest. Knowing the elevations of each camp can assist you in your preparation for your Mount Everest expeditions.

· Camp 1 – 20,000 feet

· Camp 2 – 21,300 feet

· Camp 3 – 24,000 feet

· Camp 4 – 26,000 feet

· The goal, the Summit is 29.029 feet

Keep in mind with each ascending camp the temperatures drop and the air becomes increasingly thin. The most dangerous part of the climb is said to be between the base camp and camp 1 as this is the Khumbu Ice Falls and consists of climbing through a moving sea of ice. This particular area is responsible for over 19 deaths and is extremely dangerous.

Proper preparation and training is crucial prior to planning Mount Everest expeditions. Although reaching the summit is a life-long dream for many climbers, one must be properly trained and ready not only physically but mentally as well!

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