Mount Everest Facts

Mount Everest Facts – The Truth About Mount Everest

Children in school learn a lot of Mount Everest facts as they learn about Mount Everest. Most of us remember that it is the tallest mountain on earth. This fact remains true, but there is much more to this magnificent mountain than just its height.

Mount Everest is said to be close to 60 million years old and 29.029 feet tall. It is located on the borders of Nepal and Tibet in Asia. What most don’t know is that due to the ever shifting glaciers the mountain actually continues to grow about two inches per year. We know this because in 1999 an American implanted a GPS device on the highest rock point under ice and snow in order to establish the elevation.

Another interesting fact is that it isn’t always called Mount Everest. The people of Tibet call it Chomolangma which mean Goddess Mother of Snows, while the Nepalese called it Sagarmatha meaning Mother of the Universe. Mount Everest remains a scared mountain to the native people in Tibet and Nepal. In the mid 19th century British surveyors named the great mountain after a Surveyor General of India George Everest.

Some 4000 people have attempted to climb Mount Everest, of those only 1,000 have actually made it to the top. This is a very difficult mountain to climb, which is evidenced by the 142 people who actually lost their lives attempting it. The brutal weather conditions on Mount Everest also have made it incredibly difficult to recover the bodies of those that didn’t make it. It is said that 120 dead remain on the mountain. Most climbers say that the Khumbu Ice Fall is the most dangerous part of the climb and is responsible for over 19 deaths.

Regardless of the danger and difficulty both young and old have attempted to climb this magnificent mountain. The oldest actually reached the top at the age of 64; while the youngest to conquer this mountain was 15 years old. One Nepali citizen is said to have reached the top of Mount Everest an incredible 11 times!

The best time to even attempt the climb is said to be in early May; the reason being that early May is before the horrendous monsoon season. The two most common climbing routes are the South Col Route which is the southeast ridge from Nepal and the North Col Route which is the northeast ridge from Tibet.

Mount Everest is indeed a magnificent work of nature, but with all its beauty and wonder it remains treacherous and dangerous!

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