Mount Everest Location

Where is Mount Everest?

The Mount Everest location is mainly in Nepal. It is situated in at the edge of Tibet on the border between Nepal and Tibet. Mount Everest is part of the Great Himalayan Range. This range stretches along India, Nepal and China. It is part of the South-Asian region that is often called the Indian Sub-Continent.

There are various ways to travel to Mount Everest location. From the U.S. taking a direct flight to Kathmandu is preferred as you can move to the base camp from there. If you are familiar with the Bob Seger hit, you now know where Kathmandu actually is!

Mount Everest location is widely known for its incredibly cold temperatures. They can reach a staggering 100 degrees below zero. At this temperature batteries stop working and water freezes before it can even hit the ground.

The wind is also a point of interest as it can blow at hurricane strength of 118 miles per hour and more. They call it the Jet Stream and it can actually be seen by a stream of ice crystals that extend out from the tip of the mountain. Climbers have to choose their timing carefully. The best time to reach the top is in early May as the Jet Stream is pushed north over Tibet by the arriving monsoon season.

As Mount Everest location is the highest peak in the world, the increased altitude makes the air very thin and must be considered. Mount Everest stands 29.029 feet and at that height there is only 1/3 of our needed oxygen in the air. Climbers use a process called acclimatization in order to tolerate the decreasing oxygen levels. This process involves moving up and then back down the mountain, climb high sleep low. This is crucial to allow the body to build up strength with fresh oxygen, digest food and better sleep.

Mount Everest is certainly amongst one of the most popular mountains on a climber’s list to conquer. Over 4,000 people have attempted it, of that only approximately 1,000 have actually accomplished reaching the peak. This climb is for the experienced, dedicated to the sport climber. Unlike other mountains such as Mount Kilimanjaro which can be climbed by less experienced, less trained climbers, even hikers.

It is said that the most difficult portion of a Mount Everest climb is the Khumbu IceFall which involves climbing though moving seas of ice typically using ordinary aluminum garden ladders. This is also said to be the most dangerous and deadly area of the climb. Certainly a challenge for even the most experienced of climbers!

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