Mount Kilimanjaro Marathon

You Can Be a Part of the Mount Kilimanjaro Marathon

The Mount Kilimanjaro Marathon happens every year and the next one has been scheduled for February 28, 2010. If you have ever considered being a part of a marathon and want to see the most amazing scenery this one is for you! There will be a full marathon, a 5k run and a half marathon. Regardless of your running level, you can participate in this life changing marathon.

The course of the full Mt Kilimanjaro marathon is a loop that starts and ends in the town of Moshi’s stadium. This is quite the event! The stadium will be party central with bands, prizes and spectators all there to cheer on the runners.

The actual course will take you from the stadium down towards the town and then along a main road for about 8km. You will go through the town itself (which is pretty flat) and then up a long steady ascent toward Mweka. It is a gradual ascent and gives you an incredible view with Mt Kilimanjaro towering above you. The turnaround point is about 32km and then you head down a fast downhill run back to the stadium. You will have all the locals lining the route to support you and to provide water (bottled) and sponging points to keep you refreshed.

Throughout the course you will be awe struck by the farms, villages; banana and coffee plantations as well as patches of forest. The scenery going up the mountain is breathtaking and will keep your motivation in high gear. The local’s excitement is contagious as they line the route and cheer you on!

Once back at the stadium the celebration continues! Prizes are awarded that range from engraved trophies and medals to ribbons to certificates of participation in the Mount Kilimanjaro marathon. Bands will be playing and food/drink will be available for sale. Local dignitaries will be in attendance to assist with presenting the prizes.

The race is equipped with over 12 water points, crowd and traffic control, medical assistance and official timekeeping. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience that should not be missed if you are a runner!

If you are planning to attend the Mt Kilimanjaro marathon, keep in mind that Tanzanian people are very poor and truly appreciate small gifts from participants. Many runners bring small gifts with them to give to the Tanzanian runners. The most appreciated are “OLD SHOES”. If you have any old shoes that you do not need anymore, please bring them with you. The Tanzanians will appreciate them more than you know!

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