Mountaineering Do You Have What it Takes?

Mountaineering is not for everyone but for many enthusiasts this is their favorite sport, hobby, or even profession.  

When mountaineering began it was not classified as a sport, but was looked at as something mountain men did.  In fact not many people really understood why anyone would want to climb mountain anyway.  Any true mountaineer loves to climb because of the thrill of climbing the unknown and pushing yourself and your body to limits most people could never do.

Mountaineering has come a long way since people started to scale mountains.  There is even a governing body for mountaineering and climbing called the UIAA.  This organization addresses the issues like access, mountain protection, youth and safety.

If you are looking to get into mountaineering you’ll want to start off slowly by going on some guided ascents of some smaller mountains.  As you become a more proficient mountaineer you can look into the 7 summits.

The 7 Summits – The Highest Peak on Each Continent

Mount Kilimanjaro – Summit of Africa 5985 meters

Mount Denali – Summit of North America 6194 meters

Mount Elbrus – Summit of Europe 6492 meters

Mount Aconcagua – Summit of South America 6962 meters

Mount Carstensz Pyramid – Summit of Oceania 4884 meters

Mount Vinson – Summit of Antartica 4892 meters

Mount Everest – Summit of Asia and the Entire World 8850 meters

Being in Shape to Climb Mountains

Being a mountaineer requires being in top physical fitness.  Not only do you need to be in good physical shape you have to have incredible cardio because the larger the mountains are that you climb the less oxygen that is available.  In the video below you’ll find a few exercises as a starting point.