New Mexico? or Red Rocks?

What a cool site. So I suddenly have the next two weeks off and am in need of some advice. New Mexico or Red Rocks? I have my heart set on Santa Fe just because I have never been there but wondered if it might get snow this time of the year because of the elevation. Just thought that I would get some insight on where you would go if you had the next two weeks off? I live in CO. Thanks. Want to come?

First you have decide what kind of climbing you want to do. If I had two weeks off I would break it up into some bouldering and some rope climbing.

If you’re wanting to get out of Colorado you can check out the sick bouldering in Joe’s Valley or Ibex. For rope climbing I would hit up Red Rocks for sure.

Not sure about New Mexico I have never climbed there. Hope you enjoy your trip this is a great time of year to climb the weather is awesome.

The Climbing Expert

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