Nice Line on a Forgotten Boulder


Bouldering on a Forgotten Boulder

Well i live in Huntsville, AL and as much as i love going to Horsepens 40 i dont always have the time to get there. So i went exploring at a park called Buck’s Pocket in Guntersville, AL. Out behind the park office in a dried up river/creek bed i saw this cool looking boulder. I grabbed my pad and gear and went to check it out. It was covered in dirt and moss….needless to say i spent a good 45 minutes cleaning this boulder.

After cleaning it and finally revealing a decent route, i threw my pad down and went for it. Nailed it on the first try. After throwin down on it a few more times and perfecting my sequence, i set up my camera and put it on timer and climbed it one last time, thus producing this picture. It turns out this boulder has seasonal climbs, meaning in the summer you can climb it and in fall and winter 1/3 of it is in water.

So i came just at the right time. I decided to call it Line Drive and rate it at about a v2. Not something to take an out-of-the-way trip but definitely a climb that i do cherish due to the work i put into it. :) peace!!!

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