Overhanging Rock

by Brad


I’ve been climbing (bouldering) for nearly six months (never previously climbed in my life) and I’m borderline fanatic now.

I’m 24 years old and so far I’ve only bouldered at two different gyms. I’m yet to go outside and climb…

My question is; how do I climb overhangs and how do I train to be able to do so effectively?

I’m in good shape and climbing V3/4′s but I cannot seem to stick it on any overhangs.
I’ve watched plenty of people and films of people conquering overhangs, but every time I have a go, my feet slip out and I swing away (eventually off the wall).

Any ideas on how can improve?




Great question Brad. First congrats on becoming a climbing fanatic. The key here is technique. If your feet are coming off you are focusing to much on your arms and not your feet, legs and core.

All movement in climbing starts from your feet up. Focus on pushing and pulling with your feet and keeping your arms straight.

You also want to make sure that you are turning your hips into the wall as much as possible. Watch some climbing videos and really see how the pro’s do it and begin to work it out on your own.

It will take some time but once you get it down it will feel great.

Now get outside and climb. The gym is great but get outside whenever you can.

-the Climbing Expert

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