Petzl Meteor III Climbing Helmet Review

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Rock Climbing Helmet: Petzl Meteor III Climbing Helmet

Sometimes good just won’t cut it. You want the best, and price isn’t the motivating factor in your purchase. When it comes to climbing, weight plays a huge factor, and the higher you get, the heavier it feels. That’s where the Petzl Meteor III Climbing Helmet comes into play. The Meteor Helmet is the lightest, best ventilated helmet in its class. At 235 grams the helmet weigh less than 8 oz. (7.9 to be exact). If you’re an ultralight climber who’s tired of climbing with sweat pouring down your head feeling like you have a bucket strapped to your head you’ve found the right product.

Product Features

Petzl, the French based company responsible for many innovations in the climbing industry, introduced the Meteor with the weight conscious professional climber in mind. The helmet is constructed of shelled polystyrene foam. Unlike many climbing helmets, it is not a soft foam/ABS composite, but a single piece of hard pressed polystyrene, like you see with many mountain and road biking helmets. The only downside of this is if on the off chance you take a hard fall, you might have to brick it and buy a new one. Considering the medical bills and brain damage you spare yourself, the investment will probably prove to be well worth it. In terms of fit and form, the helmet has a nape adjustment tensioner to allow quick and easy adjustment. It also features an easy to fit chinstrap of ballistic nylon with a Velcro fastener for even lighter weight. It has four clips for a headlamp during nighttime excursions and the head band retracts into the helmet for transport. Since this is a top of the line helmet Petzl included a nifty storage bag to strap the Meteor Helmet onto your bag or to rest comfortably in your pig.

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The Meteor meets all of UIAA and CE’s exacting requirements for absorption of shock, conical impact (in case a pebble hits your head from the lead 20 feet above), security of the retention straps (a load-bearing metric), and ventilation standards. The Meteor is only available in one size, 53-61cm (which is 20.8-24 inches) but it does come in two hot colors; a sharp silver and striated orange.

The Bottom Line

The Petzl Meteor III is one of the best climbing helmets your money can buy. It is incredibly light, possibly the best ventilated of any made today, and looks like a cross between a Formula One race car and something else that is cool and fast. This helmet is made by one of the best outdoor gear manufacturers in the world and built to the highest standards with an emphasis on performance, quality, and lasting value.

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