Power of Visualization

Power of Visualization – Improving Your Climbing Through Visualization

Every great athlete whether it be a swimmer, runner, football player or rock climber knows how powerful visualization can be.

Visualization can play a dramatic role in your climbing.

Some people think of visualization as a mental preview.

That is true, but the power of visualization is not just seeing the moves of the route in your head, it is so much more than that.

Did you know that whether you visualize yourself climbing a route or actually climb it all the same muscles in your body will be used?

Crazy I know…your mind cannot distinguish between you visualizing it or actually doing it.

This is why visualization is so powerful.

So how do you visualize properly?

It’s simple. When you visualize it is as if you are playing a vivid movie in your head.

IMPORTANT: Always visualize yourself having already climbed the route, not trying to climb it. You want to focus on the desired end result.

In this movie you see everything as it is.

You see yourself preparing for your climb. You feel the chalk as you dip your hands into the chalk bag. You hear yourself asking your belayer if their ready to go.

You feel the warmth of the rock as soon as you grab it. You must see yourself climbing this route with ease and grace. You feel strong all the way through the route. You are running through the moves perfectly, with excellent technique, you are making every clip easily. You see yourself breathing deeply, being relaxed, and staying focused.

Always see yourself completely finishing the route all the way to being lowered to the ground and untying your figure eight. See how happy you are when you’ve completed the route.

Hearing the compliments from your friends, ‘nice climb’, ‘way to go’, ‘man that was awesome’, ‘you did it so easily bro’, etc.

The movie you play in your head needs to excite you! You want it to make you FEEL GOOD.

That is the most important thing (Feeling Good).

Once you see it and feel it in your mind you will hold it in reality.

Take a lesson from the best athletes and start using the power of visualization in your climbing routine.

It will help you be a more peaceful, stronger, and confident climber.

Climb strong climb safe,

Rock Climbing For Life

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